Is Boris Johnson speaking today? Is there a Covid briefing?

Boris Johnson announces closure of travel corridors

Boris Johnson and his ministers committed to delivering more press briefings from Downing Street before the latest national lockdown. They have since taken to the Number 10 podium to deliver updates on how the pandemic is progressing. The briefings remain vital as the country enters a critical juncture of the fight against Covid, with surging infections and a developing national vaccine programme.

Is Boris Johnson speaking today?

Brits saw two Covid addresses last week, with both the Prime Minister and Home Secretary Priti Patel appearing on TV.

They, alongside Government advisers, updated the public on case figures and measures taken to reduce infections.

There are no plans to have another briefing today, but the Government often announces them closer to the time, so this could change.

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Is Boris Johnson speaking today Downing Street Covid briefing evgIs Boris Johnson speaking today? Is there a Covid briefing? (Image: GETTY)

Boris Johnson press briefing: AirportsBoris Johnson press briefing: The latest rules surround travel into and out of the UK (Image: GETTY)

Can I go back to normal after the Covid vaccine?

Mr Johnson delivered the latest press conference on Friday, January 15, when he expanded on travel bans in the UK.

The changes to travel, introduced on January 14, will come into place tomorrow, preventing Brits from leaving the country, and imposing new rules on arrivals.

Mr Johnson said: "Yesterday we announced that we are banning flights from South America and Portugal.

"And, to protect us against the risk of as yet unidentified new strains, we will also temporarily close all travel corridors from 4am on Monday."

Boris Johnson press briefing: Lockdown rulesBoris Johnson press briefing: The current national lockdown rules (Image: EXPRESS)

"Following conversations with the devolved

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