Who can Donald pardon? How do people get pardoned?

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President will vacate the White House and hand the Presidency to Joe Biden on January 20. Congress has twice impeached the outgoing Commander-in-Chief, and the Senate could soon bar him from holding office ever again, leaving political experts unsure as to what he will do next. Mr has few powers left from his position, among them is the ability to pardon people.

Who can Donald pardon?

An outgoing President is comparatively hamstrung compared to one securely in power.

Mr has few options left to meaningfully guide the country before Mr Biden takes command and revokes many of his policies.

One of the few unilateral powers he has is granting pardons.

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Trump pardons who can Donald Trump pardon how to get pardon evg pardons: Who can Donald pardon? How do people get pardoned? (Image: GETTY)

Trump pardons: Donald Trump pardons: Donald has already pardoned 70 people (Image: GETTY)

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The President sits at the head of the executive branch, which is in charge of prosecution on a federal level.

Mr can use this power to pardon anyone he chooses of federal crimes.

The act can exempt someone from prosecution of a given crime or set aside previous convictions.

Presidents can pardon anyone they choose, and Mr has issued 70 during his first term.

Trump pardons: The impeachment process pardons: MR can still pardon despite having been impeached twice (Image: EXPRESS)

How do you get pardoned?

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