Watch out for these little-known symptoms of the new COVID-19 strain #COVID19

Brazil coronavirus strain detected in UK says expert

Coronavirus daily deaths are a stark reminder the virus is yet to be tamed, despite the heroic vaccination effort. Yesterday marked the fifth consecutive day of Covid deaths exceeding 1,000. The surge is attributed to the new variant which was first discovered in November.

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While there is no evidence the new mutated strain is more severe, its transmissibility underlines the importance of responding to the symptoms.

In addition to the main symptoms the Government has highlighted, there are an array of unusual symptoms.

In fact, research published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) outlines three that are associated with your eyes.

According to the research, photophobia, sore eyes and itchy eyes may signal COVID-19.

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Photophobia, sore eyes and itchy eyes are signsCoronavirus symptoms: Photophobia, sore eyes and itchy eyes are signs (Image: Getty Images)

In response to the findings, spoke to Dr Ali Mearza at Ophthalmic Consultants of London.

He said: “Among the lesser-known problems patients have encountered are photophobia and sore or itchy eyes.

“Photophobia is a form of light sensitivity and is often linked to headaches. Sufferers experience discomfort or pain in the eyes, especially when first turning on a light."

As Dr Mearza reports, studies have shown having sore eyes is the most common eye symptom of coronavirus.

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