The latest Google Chrome update is essential to fix your weak passwords

Google Chrome 88 Update Fix Weak Password ChangeChrome will flag any weak or compromised passwords, and make it easier to update them (Image: GOOGLE • GETTY)

Google is pushing out a new version of its immeasurably popular browser, Google Chrome, that promises to make it easier to fix your weakest passwords. If you’re anything like us, the almost-constant news of data breaches and online hacks hasn’t pushed you to triple-check the passwords you use for your online account. And, if you’ve been online long enough, chances are there are some real clunkers in the mix. That’s where the latest feature from Google Chrome comes in ...provided that you have any saved passwords left.

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If you’re running Chrome version 88, the browser now includes an option that automatically scans your saved login details to check for any weak or compromised passwords. If the check finds anything, you’ll only have to click a single button to be sent o the relevant site, where you can change your password to something more secure. In fact, Google is able to make a suggestion for a totally random password filled with letters, numbers and symbols.

The new feature should make it easier to fix multiple logins. If you’ve re-used the same email and password combination across multiple websites – only one of these needs to be breached for all of your other accounts to be vulnerable. This is why security experts warn against re-using the same login details (even though that makes it much easier to remember your login). Using the same password for a number of different web apps and sites also means you’ve got a lot more admin on your plate when a breach does occur. Thankfully, by highlighting all of the problematic logins, Chrome should make it a little easier to find exactly which accounts need to be updated to a unique login.

Of course, this feature won’t be all that handy if you don’t rely on Google Chrome to remember your login details.

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Google Chrome 88 Update Fix Weak Password ChangeGoogle now includes shortcuts to the forms for each online account to update your password (Image: GOOGLE)

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