Students protested against university closures in Paris on Wednesday #macron

Macron and France 'are failing' on vaccine rollout says Moutet

Streets were stormed by students and political campaigners yesterday who condemned the closure of universities imposed by Emmanuel Macron's coronavirus rules. The death of a student at the Paris University of Le Sorbonne fuelled the protests against the French President in a bid to draw attention on the rising mental health problems many say they are suffering.

Members of La Cocarde Etudiante, a movement of non-conformist students, raged against Macron's inability to listen to students' demands.

Tweeting from the movement's official Twitter account, they said: "At Jussieu University and in the streets of Paris, we raised the alarm of thousands of students: Open our universities!

"Faced with a government that hears nothing, we will not let go, this is just the beginning #ghoststudents."

The tweet included a video in which one of the representatives delivers a strongly-worded message to the French President.

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emmanuel macron paris student protest ghoststudentsEmmanuel Macron sparked more protests in Paris on Wednesday from students (Image: GETTY)

macron protest students paris ghostudentsMacron was told to listen to students' demands after one student died in Paris (Image: YANNICK HOPPE)

He said: "We learned this Friday that a medicine student at the Sorbonne has taken her own life.

"While the motivations may be diverse, this context of deep youthful stress cannot last any longer if we want to avoid more tragedies. Following an initial lockdown that shut down the university and the rest of the country, we were happy to regain access to the campus.

"On September 30, Minister Frédérique Vidal promised there would be no closure of universities. A month later, we were told of a new closure.

"The return of online lessons, lockdown, curfew. It all sounds like betrayal. For almost a year now, the daily lives of students have boiled down to screen courses inside rooms of 9 square metres.

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paris protest students universities ghoststudentsParis: Students took to the streets of capital on Wednesday (Image: SOCIALIST PARTY)

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"Everything that makes the university and youth community special is now banned or forbidden, with serious consequences of dropout, distress, neurosis, loneliness, unemployment. And that goes as far as suicide and attempted suicide.

"We ask for the immediate reopening of all higher education institutions for the entire second semester. This is the future of a whole

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