GAME PS5 update: Will GAME be releasing any more PS5 stock this week? #GAME ...

GAME PS5 queue goes liveGAME PS5 queue goes live as restocks keep coming in for UK gamers (Image: GAME • SONY)

GAME PS5 - UPDATE ONE: This week has been the best time to buy a PS5 in the UK since the console's launch, with plenty of restocks going live.

Arguably the best place to get a PS5 has been GAME who have released multiple restocks this week.

On Tuesday GAME opened orders for the PS5 twice - once in the morning and then once in the afternoon.

Both restocks lasted for a decent amount of time, especially compared to other restocks which literally have sold out in a minute's time or less.

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Then GAME followed this up by taking PS5 orders once again on Wednesday and then again on Thursday.

It remains to be seen if GAME makes it four in a row by taking PS5 orders once again on Friday.

It would be a surprise if they did but stranger things have happened. 

In the meantime other UK retailers are rumoured to be getting a PS5 restock soon, with Argos the biggie.

PS5 stock tracker accounts have claimed Argos is getting PS5 stock that should start shipping out in February, but orders may be taken before then so definitely keep an eye out for a restock soon.

Elsewhere Very and Amazon could also be getting imminent PS5 restocks, according to the rumour mill.

ORIGINAL: GAME has once again opened a queue for PS5 orders, with fans facing lengthy waits of over an hour to try and secure a PS5 console.

Earlier this week GAME had a big PS5 restock, which dropped in two waves with plenty of bundles available for fans to order.

And following on from that major restock GAME has once again opened a queue for PS5 orders, which went live around 12.30pm UK time on Wednesday January 20.

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Some PS5 fans have said they've already got to the end of the GAME queue and managed to place a PS5 order, while others have said they're still stuck in it.

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Tweeting about the latest GAME PS5 restock the @PS5StockAlertUK Twitter posted: "Guys for GAME UK go for the bundles. The stand alone editions will not be in stock. If you click a bundle and it says out of stock, go back to the bundles page and try the next bundle and so on until eventually you will find a bundle in stock. Just some advice for next time!"

This week has seen plenty of PS5 restocks go live, with some

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