#MichaelJackson albums: How many albums did he make?

Martin Bashir interviews Michael Jackson in 2002

Michael Jackson sold the best-selling album in history: Thriller. Even to this day, the album is still the most successful one ever, and has seen off fierce competition from other artists. But how many albums did Michael Jackson make altogether, and what were they?

How many albums did Michael Jackson make?

As a solo artist, Michael Jackson made 10 studio albums, but before he started out life as a soloist he was also the lead singer in a famous band.

The Jackson 5, also known as The Jacksons at different times, released 15 studio albums with Michael involved, and another without him.

However, Michael was hugely successful as a solo artist by the time the later albums from The Jacksons were released, hence why he left the band before their last album.

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Michael Jackson - how many albums has he made?Michael Jackson - how many albums has he made? (Image: Getty)

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After his death, his estate released music on his behalf, meaning there were two further studio albums after the release of the 10 during his lifetime.

MJ’s first album, Got to Be There, was released when Michael was only young, at age 14.

His second album, Ben, was released the same year and featured the title track, which quickly became one of his best-loved singles of the time.

Michael released two more albums in 1973 and 1875, Music & Me and Forever, Michael, but neither were as successful as his first two.

The Jackson 5The Jackson 5 (Image: Getty)

It was with his fifth album when things began to change for Michael, after he teamed up with renowned producer Quincy Jones.

Quincy and Michael met while MJ was making The Wiz, and soon a beautiful partnership was born.

Off the Wall, Michael’s fifth album, was a step in the right direction and peaked at Number Three in the US and UK charts, before his most successful album ever was to be released.

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