Prince William confessed ‘I don’t trust my anger around my brother’ as ...

Prince Harry: Expert recalls ‘chilly scene’ with Prince William

William and Harry’s relationship was already strained when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex suddenly announced via social media that they wanted to step back from the Royal Family and seek financial independence. While the whole family was reportedly stunned, William was livid. The once-close brothers did not speak between the Sandringham Summit in January, where the details of Harry’s exit were hashed out, and the Sussexes’ final royal engagement in March.

Even during that emergency summit, urgently called by the Queen and attended by the monarch, Prince Charles and the royal brothers, William struggled to put his feelings aside.

Biographer Robert Lacey claimed in his book, ‘Battle of Brothers’ that the second-in-line to the throne had even refused to have lunch with his brother before the discussion.

According to the author, William once claimed: “I can’t trust my anger sitting down with my brother.”

Royal journalist Omid Scobie even said that the brothers only started speaking when Charles was diagnosed with coronavirus in late March.

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There certainly appeared to be a frostiness in the air when Meghan and Harry locked eyes with Kate and William during their final royal engagement, at the Commonwealth Day service in mid-March.

Prince William and Prince HarryPrince William and Prince Harry (Image: Getty)

Harry and Meghan during their final royal engagement at the Commonwealth Day serviceHarry and Meghan during their final royal engagement at the Commonwealth Day service (Image: Getty)

Lip-readers later claimed that Harry had muttered to Meghan: “He literally said, ‘Hello, Harry’, and that was it, and he didn’t say anything more than that.”

It is not known if the Duke was discussing one of the officials he had met that same day or if he was talking about his brother.

It later emerged that William had also contracted coronavirus in April, which may have helped the brothers get back on talking terms.

However, there have been mixed reports over whether the brothers have managed to mend their fractured relations.

Harry’s friend and journalist, Tom Bradby, recently confessed that the Duke has been struggling over the last year due to his messy fallout with the Royal Family which has left “hurt feelings on all sides”.

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There was palpable tension between the brothers last MarchThere was palpable tension between the brothers last Marchq (Image: Getty)

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