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Olly Alexander discusses ‘It’s A Sin’ with Lorraine Kelly

After five years in the making, Russell T. Davies's It's A Sin premiere tonight (Friday, January 22) at 9pm on Channel 4. The cast of It's A Sin spoke to Express.co.uk and other press ahead of the show's release about the story of It's A Sin and their characters.

Who is in the cast of It's A Sin? 

Ritchie Tozer - Olly Alexander

Years & Years singer Olly Alexander plays 18-year-old Ritchie Tozer in It's A Sin.

Described as the "family's golden boy," Ritchie has a secret he has been hiding.

Speaking to Express.co.uk and other press, Olly shared It's A Sin creator, Russell T. Davie series, Queer a Folk, had a huge impact on him growing up, so when he heard about the drama, he wanted to get involved.

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Alexander said: "I heard Russell was making a show. And I was I just wanted to be involved. I mean, I didn't need to hear anything else. And then when I read the script and the story, I was so moved by it. And I think it's one of the coolest things ever.

"The first thing I asked Russell was, why did you call your show Years and Years because you know, I'm in a band called Years and Years. And so, you know, he's obviously a fan so that was another nice thing. So I felt like there was a poetic, like, justice to it or something. It was amazing, very lucky."

Speaking about the plot of It's A Sin, Olly said: "The story is so moving, and I hope people are moved by it. And I think that kind of leads people a little bit more to more understanding. So I hope that's what happens."

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It's A Sin cast: Olly AlexanderIt's A Sin cast: Olly Alexander stars as Ritchie in It's A Sin (Image: CHANNEL 4)

It's A Sin cast:Omari DouglasIt's A Sin cast: Omari Douglas plays Roscoe in It's A Sin (Image: CHANNEL 4)

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Roscoe Babatunde - Omari Douglas

Up-and-coming actor Omari Douglas stars as London-born party boy, Roscoe Babatunde in It's A Sin. 

Douglas said: "He is someone who manages to find his tribe, and he finds a group of people who accept him. It's a space for him to be able to express himself in the way that he does. 

"I think what's so amazing about all of the characters is that there's kind of like a spectrum or like such a variety in the way that they are discovering their sexuality or kind of expressing it. And I think, with Roscoe, there's such a boldness and a kind of flair about him, which was just so amazing to embody."

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Douglas worked closely with Stephen Fry in the series, who he described as "fascinating".

He shared: "He's just such a fascinating man and insanely intelligent. And I was just kind of bowled over by just how he's like this amazing presence. 

"I was constantly in awe of him. I just love being around him and listening to him. Again, he's someone who has such an extensive knowledge of the time and he told me some really harrowing stories. And he's really inspiring."

It's A Sin cast: Lydia WestIt's A Sin cast: Lydia West plays Jill in It's A Sin (Image: CHANNEL 4)

Colin Morris-Jones - Callum Scott Howells

Newcomer Callum Scott Howells plays the role of Colin Morris-Jones, a shy boy from Wales who becomes an apprentice on Savile Row.

In the series, How I Met Your Mother star Neil Patrick Harris plays the role of Colin's father, something Howells referred to as something he will "never get over".

Howells said: "Neil is just like the magician-like. He really is. He's a wizard, like to what he can do, which is just something I don't think I'll ever get over. And it's something I'll

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