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The UK will probably still be in lockdown on February 14, so if you don’t live with your partner you may need to send them a gift via delivery. Flowers are a Valentines Day staple, particularly roses, and are the practical choice for 2021. But if you find red roses a bit overdone and cringe, there are plenty of options for the occasion. chatted to Vicky Wilson, Product Design Manager at Interflora to find out the five best flowers to send for Valentine's day.


When you think of Valentine's Day, often you might think of red roses.

If you want to go down the traditional route, your partner would probably be thrilled to receive a bouquet or single red rose on the amorous holiday.

Vicky said: “Red roses are the go-to choice for Valentine’s Day and for good reason – they symbolise romantic love and devotion.

“But not all red roses were created equal. If you want to really woo your Valentine this February 14, then the roses have to be ruby red, long-stemmed and large-headed.”

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Vicky recommends looking for premium varieties of red roses such as Freedom or Naomi roses.

You probably won’t find these types of red rose in your local supermarket, but florists will stock up on them around the romantic day.

Vicky added: “These tend to have a richer colour and more voluptuous petals.

“If you’ve decided to celebrate Galentine’s Day instead, then send a vase full of pink roses – they symbolise gratitude, appreciation and recognition.”

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Valentine's Day flowers meaning: man holding bouquetValentine's Day flowers meaning: Which flowers should you get your loved one? (Image: Interflora)

Valentine's Day flowers meaning:Valentine's Day flowers meaning: Red roses are the classic choice (Image: Interflora)

How to make cut flowers last longer

Tulips are another suitable choice for Valentines Day, whether you’re treating your lover, your child or your best mate.

Vicky said: “Equally as vibrant and rich in colour as the traditional Valentine’s Day rose, red tulips symbolise ‘perfect love’, making them a brilliant choice for your special someone.

“Purple also works as it has a hue of royalty and works just

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