Two single mothers managed to receive payments totalling £80,000.

Child Maintenance: How to apply for self-service

Child Maintenance is an arrangement made between one person and the other parent of their child. These arrangements usually come into play when parents are separated, and one parent takes care of the child concerned on a primary basis. As a result, the person with the main day-to-day care of the child should receive maintenance payments from the parent who does not have main caring responsibilities.

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The paying parent is required to provide an agreed sum of money regularly to ensure their child is supported.

However, it is, unfortunately, the case some parents dodge their payment responsibilities, creating an additional financial burden for the parent with primary care.

This was the case for two single mothers who were left out of pocket after the fathers of their children refused to pay.

For 11 and 10 years respectively, the fathers concerned denied four children Child Maintenance support. 

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child maintenance payments 2021Child Maintenance: Two single mothers secured £40,000 respectively (Image: Getty)

In contentious situations like these, it is likely to be the case the Child Maintenance Service (CMS) needs to step in. 

The CMS can often help to progress the matter, even putting into place a formal arrangement if needs be.

In these instances, the support of the CMS proved particularly valuable, as it did result in a sizeable payout.

The CMS pursued court proceedings on the two fathers concerned in the case when met with resistance.

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