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Gardeners' World: Monty Don gives advice on compost heaps

Gardening expert Monty Don often issues advice to Britons about their gardens throughout the year. He is best known for his role on BBC Two’s Gardener’s World. On the show, Monty shares advice and tips from his own garden to enable Britons to get the most out of their gardens.

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The show began in the 1960s and has remained a permanent fixture on TV over the years.

Last week, in a winter garden special, Monty shared his knowledge on compost heaps.

The gardening expert advised fellow enthusiasts on what should and shouldn’t be used on compost heaps in order to avoid attracting rats.

Monty said: “The real secret of compost is life to soil.

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Monty DonMonty Don issues warning over household waste during Gardeners’ World - ‘You will get rats’ (Image: BBC)

Monty DonMonty Don: “For example, kitchen waste like egg shells and banana skins" (Image: BBC)

“Because compost is made by material being digested, by bacteria and fungi and nematodes and the worms and beetles and bugs, you make it work like a recipe that you know just works and works overtime.

“So let’s look at it like a recipe.

“First thing are your ingredients. You can add almost anything that’s lived to a compost heap.


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