What can you clean with baking soda?

Cleaning hack: Simple method to clean pans with baking soda

Baking soda or bicarbonate of soda is sodium bicarbonate or NaHCO₃. It’s an alkaline chemical compound that is used to make cakes rise but also doubles up as a natural cleaning solution. Express.co.uk chatted to cleaning expert Bella Middleton from Norfolk Natural Living to find out seven baking soda hacks. 

Baking soda is a cheap ingredient that you can use to clean a number of things at home.

Bella said: “I love using Bicarbonate of soda, it is something I always have in my kitchen cupboard for those rainy days when the children and I fancy a little baking.

“It also comes in really handy for all my favourite household cleaning hacks.
“It’s a very versatile cleaner with mild abrasive properties and it’s also a great scouring agent, deodoriser and cuts through dirt with ease.”

Bella has revealed a few of her favourite hacks using baking soda.

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Baking soda cleaning hacks:Baking soda cleaning hacks: Baking soda is sodium bicarbonate (Image: Getty)

Baking soda cleaning hacks:Baking soda cleaning hacks: Use baking soda to clean limescale - in your toilet or elsewhere (Image: Getty)

What can I use instead of bicarbonate of soda? The top 5 alternatives
Clean Limescale

Bella said: “Limescale can be a real irritant, especially around taps and other metal fixtures in the bathroom - don't get me started on the kettle.

“If you live in a hard water area like me (Norfolk is gorgeous but suffers from very hard water), your bathroom will be especially susceptible.”

Bella recommends using six tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda and four tablespoons of water for this hack.

She explained: “Simply combine these two ingredients in a bowl until you have a nice thick paste.

"If it’s a little too stiff, add water to loosen. Similarly, add more bicarb if it’s a little loose.

“Apply to problem areas and scrub (use a wet copper wire pad for a scratch-free scrubbing power on metal). Rinse with clean water and buff with a cloth.”

You can use this hack to get rid of the unsightly brown marks in the toilet, and it will do a much better job than bleach.

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Pop four generous tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda into the toilet bowl and scrub it with a toilet brush.

Bella said: “Use all the elbow grease you can muster and leave it overnight. Repeat if necessary.

“If it needs an extra boost add 200ml of white vinegar and viola brown marks disappeared!”

Baking soda cleaning hacks:Baking soda cleaning hacks: Brighten your white clothes with baking soda- put it in the drum or drawer (Image: Getty)

Brighten your whites

White clothing and sheets always seem to fade and look not-so-white after a few washes, but baking soda could solve that problem.

Bella said: “We’ve worked hard to omit optical brighteners from all of our garment washes - the chemicals used to give the appearance of brightness in your white linen.

“Whilst it makes your washing line look Instagram-worthy, they bioaccumulate and are harmful to aquatic life when they enter the waterways. They also can cause skin irritation.

“Use baking soda to get your whites gleaming in an eco-friendly way.”

Add 224g of bicarbonate of soda straight into the drum of your washing machine along with your washing and your usual washing detergent - the water will dissolve it.

Bella explained: “You can

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