Prince Philip's revolutionising project cost Prince Charles and Royal Family ...

Prince Philip was ‘blocked openly’ on ambitions says expert

Royal commentator Alberto Angela highlighted the shift in perception of the Royal Family following a 1969 documentary Prince Philip agreed to in a bid to modernise the monarchy. The RAI Ulisse presenter noted that the press began reporting differently on royals and became more intrusive after the film was first broadcast. Following the documentary, it became difficult to prevent the public from looking deeper into the Royal Family and the life of future king Prince Charles. 

Mr Angela said: "After the 1969 documentary on the Royal Family, the British press, which had always had a very cautious attitude towards the Crown, began to be a little more intrusive.

"Once the doors of the Palace were opened, it became increasingly difficult to keep them closed and the Queen's family paid the price.

"First of all with Charles, the heir to the throne."

He added: "Many biographers of the Royal Family tell us of a sensitive and idealistic young man who would have preferred more expressions of tenderness from his mother and more trust from his father.”

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Prince Philip Prince Charles Royal Family documentary Queen news latestPrince Philip's revolutionising project cost Prince Charles and Royal Family their privacy (Image: GETTY)

Prince Philip Royal Family news Prince Charles latest project documentary vnPrince Philip's vision of a modernised monarchy cost Prince Charles' some of his privacy, most notably in the Royal Family documentary. (Image: GETTY)

Prince Philip's desire to modernise the Royal Family also received some resistance from the Queen as well.

Her Majesty was very wary of public perception and was concerned too deep a look into the monarchy would result in criticism.

The narrator of Italian documentary series, Luca Ward, said Prince Philip's project had the Queen so concerned she

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