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Married at First Sight Australia: Matthew prepares for

Married At First Sight Australia is a popular reality TV series where strangers marry before they have had a chance to meet. The sixth season originally aired in Australia back in January 2019, so a lot of time has passed since they said their vows. Fans are keen to find out where the season six cast are now and whether they are on Instagram.

Are the MAFSA season 6 cast on Instagram? Jules Robinson and Cameron Merchant

Jules and Cameron became the first couple to tie the knot and they were proof there really is love at first sight.

They spent a romantic honeymoon in New Zealand and developed a close bond, agreeing to stay married at the end of the experiment.

They have since got married in real life and have a son together, and they have been keeping fans up to date on Instagram.

Jules uses the handle julesrobinson82 and Cameron is under cammerchant.

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Jules shared a photo of the couple at the start of 2021 and one fan said: "It’s beautiful to have watched your journey and to see you both so sincerely blissfully happy. All the best for 2021."

Nic Jovanović and Cyrell Paule

Nic and Cyrell were second in line to get married but their story does not have such a happy ending.

They too spent their honeymoon in New Zealand but broke up before a final decision could be made.

They are both on Instagram with Nic using the handle nicccj and Cyrell using cyrelljimenezpaule.

Nic shared a photo of himself from the series saying: "Fans in the UK laughing watching our season 6 of @mafs like... WTF is wrong with these guys?

"Who is enjoying it in the UK? What's your honest thoughts so far? Hope everyone's strapped in for one hell of a ride!"

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MAFSA couples Instagram: The season 6 couplesMAFSA couples Instagram: The couples of season 6 (Image: Channel 4)

MAFSA couples Instagram: Martha and MichaelMAFSA couples Instagram: Martha and Michael are still together (Image: Channel 4)

Married At First Sight reunion: What happened in the season 6 reunion?
Jessika Power and Mick Gould

Jessika and Mick became one of the most talked-about couples on the show after she admitted to starting a relationship with contestant Dan Webb.

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The pair ended up splitting up as a result of the affair and sadly Jessika's relationship with Dan did not last either, despite them agreeing to stay married at the end of the experiment.

Jessika is using the handle jessika_power but Mick does not seem to be much of a social media user.

Jessika posted a photo of herself from the series with the message: "Little flash back moment....who else is waiting patiently to watch the reunion!? #mafsaustralia."

Melissa Lucarelli and Dino Hira

Melissa and Dino were considered to be the most unlikely couple in the series and sadly things did not work out for them.

They spent their honeymoon in Fiji but broke up before the experiment came to an end.

Melissa is on Instagram under mellucarelli and Dino is under dino_hira.

Dino posted a photo of himself from the series with the message: "Sure, the experience happened two years ago but there have been many doors that have opened ever since.

"Especially a door towards my passion to guide Meditation, Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle programs to witness people Happy, Positive, in Great Mental Health and Beeming with Great Health and Energy. Hence @themodernyogico and @modernyogihealth were established."

MAFSA couples Instagram: Jules and CameronMAFSA couples Instagram: Jules and Cameron are married (Image: Channel 4)

Mike Gunner and Heidi Latcham

Mike and Heidi was the fifth couple to get married and they spent their honeymoon in Queensland.

Things seemed to be going well as the couple agreed to stay married at the end of the experiment, but they sadly broke up shortly after.

Mike is on Instagram under mikekangaroo and Heidi uses the handle

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