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Midsomer Murders is a much-loved detective series on ITV based on the Chief Inspector Barnaby novels by Caroline Graham. The series is set in the fictional village of Midsomer and DCI John Barnaby (played by Neil Dudgeon) is in charge of the investigations. One of his family members was Joyce Barnaby (played by Jane Wymark) and fans are keen to know what happened to her.

Why did Joyce Barnaby leave Midsomer Murders?

Joyce Barnaby was the wife of the original detective Tom Barnaby (John Nettles) and she was one of the main characters for 80 episodes.

She was a friendly character who was very sociable and she enjoyed plenty of hobbies including painting and dancing.

Joyce had always wanted to live in Midsomer but changed her mind following a string of murders.

Her last episode was Fit For Murder, which was the eighth episode of the 13th season.

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Joyce was alive when she left the series and viewers have been wondering why actress Wymark quit.

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Midsomer Murders: JoyceMidsomer Murders: Joyce and Tom (Image: ITV)

Midsomer Murders: JoyceMidsomer Murders: Joyce was a fan-favourite (Image: ITV)

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Wymark's last appearance on the detective show was in 2011 and she left at the same time as co-star Nettles.

His character Tom announced he was retiring from the force and handed the job to his cousin John.

While some fans believed Wymark had been asked to leave as a result of Tom's retirement, the actress said she was happy to move on.

Back in 2011, she said she was relieved to not have to play the "nicest person in the world" anymore.

She told the Birmingham Mail: "That’s a heavy burden to carry. I want to be completely evil now, a really bad person with no redeeming features and a terribly good cook!"

Midsomer Murders: Joyce and TomMidsomer Murders: Tom's final investigation (Image:

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