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Brexit: Fishing chief slams Michael Gove over deal 'lies'

The Department for International Trade (DIT) is understood to have encouraged UK businesses to register new firms within the EU single market to avoid the extra charges, paperwork and taxes resulting from Brexit. International business consultant Anna Jerzewska said she agreed with the DIT position.

Dr Jerzewska tweeted: "As far as Gov Brexit advice goes, this is actually not bad advice.

"As I keep telling my clients - importing from the EU to the UK to redistribute to other EU countries is over. We don't do that any more."

But Environment Secretary George Eustice insisted the additional red tape and paperwork required to export goods out of Britain to the EU will be fine once businesses have adapted to the new requirements.

JUST IN: Eurozone warning - EU rules would be 'disaster' for the UK

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Lorries queue at DoverLorries queue at Dover (Image: PA)

He said: "There is a familiarisation cost there, but once people get used to it, I think it will work fine.

"The bigger businesses are already coping with his paperwork."

Rachel Reeves, shadow chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster and shadow minister for the Cabinet Office, said: “Once again we see this government’s sheer incompetence and lack of planning holding British businesses back and slowing our economic recovery.

“They’ve got to get a grip on this now and stop leaving our businesses out in the cold.”


John RedwoodJohn Redwood has urged the Government not to raise taxes (Image: PA)

7.28pm update: Brexiteer warns Government against tax increases

Brexiteer John Redwood has urged the Government not to raise taxes in the March budget.

The former minister tweeted: "The last thing the UK now needs is a tax rise.

"We need to get the deficit down by getting safely back to work and growing the economy.

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"The lockdowns have done great damage to livelihoods. Tax rises would harm recovery."

The veteran backbencher had earlier called for Governmen urgency in "giving us more of the Brexit wins".

He said: "Bring on the policies to boost home grown food, increase our fishing fleet, set up freeports and Enterprise Zones, cut VAT."

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Brexit: Boris Johnson's deal clears House of Lords

4.48pm update: Spain urged to clarify how laws and tax rules will be upheld

Spain's government has been pressured to provide clarity on how it will ensure Gibraltar complies with the term of the post-Brexit agreement with Britain.

Ciudadanos, a centre-right political party in Spain, has called on Madrid to give answers to questions swirling in political circles in light of the expiration of the Brexit transition period on December 31.

Gibraltar, a British overseas territory with a population of around 34,000, was left out of the trade deal signed between London and Brussels.

Just hours before the UK's transition period ended, negotiators struck an agreement with Spain to allow for free movement between Gibraltar and much of the EU.

3.46pm update: Scottish Tories slam SNP over Brexit funds

A Scottish Conservative MP has hit out at Nicola Sturgeon's SNP government for failing to spend a quarter of the funds allocated by Westminster for the Brexit transition.

Maurice Golden, the Tory economy spokesman at Holyrood, tweeted: "The SNP are sitting on £48 million they haven’t bothered spending.

"Remember that the next time you hear them pretending they’re strapped for cash."

Mr Golden spoke out after MPs accused the Scottish government not investing enough of the available funds on preparing for Britain's departure from the EU.

Alex Chisholm, Permanent Secretary at the Cabinet Office, told the Commons Public Accounts Committee that Holyrood had spent around £48m of the £200m provided for "Brexit readiness".

Tory MP Bernard Jenkin said: "So they under spent on Brexit preparedness.

"What evidence is there that the Scottish Government has given the UK taxpayer value for money for what they have spent?"

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3.17pm update: Farage blasts Project Fear in wake of Nissan Brexit boost

Nigel Farage has taken a swipe at scaremongering Remainers who warned Brexit would have a devastating effect on the British carmaking industry.

The Reform Party leader tweeted: "After all the Remainer scaremongering, Nissan is here to stay as predicted."

He lashed out after the Japanese car giant's chief operating officer said the post-Brexit trade agreement had given his company a competitive advantage, ensured business continuity at its factory and protected 75,000 jobs across Europe.

1.59pm update: 'Brexit will help us be FREE' EU on alert as UK exit inspires other nations

The European Union has been put on alert following Brexit Britain's departure from the bloc, with one leading Frexit campaigner warning Brussels will be increasingly terrified other countries may follow suit.

The UK finally cut all ties with the EU and ended 47 years of membership when it left the bloc at the end of the agreed transition period, which had seen the country continued to be tied to Brussels' rules on the Customs Union and Single Market.

After tough negotiations, the two sides managed to agree a last-minute trade deal that avoided the pain of hefty tariffs imposed on products leaving and entering Britain.

Boris Johnson has revelled in this victory, arguing the UK has finally "taken back control” and insisting the nation can flourish outside the EU with its new-found powers.

1.41pm update: Eurostar crisis - Boris told to 'take control' from Macron and rename rail giant 'Britstar'

Eurostar, which has begged for help from the UK in the face of a dire financial situation triggered by coronavirus and exacerbated by Brexit, should be bought out by this country and renamed Brit Tunnel, think tank chief Robert Oulds has said.

The ailing franchise has been battered by the pandemic, with Tory MP Huw Merriman, who chairs Parliament's Transport Committee, this week warning traffic had fallen by over 95 percent.

Robert Oulds, director of the pro-Brexit Bruges Group, suggested a solution which was both drastic and simple.

He told “It needs to be saved. But we must take back control from the French.”

Proposing a push to acquire the service, he added: “We can call it Britstar - or Brit Tunnel.”

1.20pm update: Furious MEPs blast EU as Jersey BANS French vessels from waters

Furious MEPS have begged the EU to take action after Jersey restricted French vessels from fishing in English Channel waters.

Fishing in Jersey had previously been managed under the Treaty of the Bay of Granville which presided over the destinies of the fishing rights of French boats in Jersey waters since 1839.

However, officials from the Jersey Government had been negotiating with French officials on future access terms since the UK left the EU.

Jersey is not part of the UK and manages a large number of Brexit affairs domestically including fishing vessel licensing.

11.20am update: Remainers mocked as they struggle to find Brexit disruption amid Nissan's huge job boost

A prominent Brexiteer has ridiculed Remainers' Project Fear predictions after Nissan confirmed that Brexit had in fact handed the UK a competitive edge over its rivals.

Hardcore Remainers should be ashamed for "exalting in predictions of people voting for their own demise," according to former Tory MP Stewart Jackson.

Remainers had suggested in the days leading up to Brexit that car manufacturers would ditch the UK, leaving many people in Leave-voting areas "out of a job".

However, contrary to this, thousands of jobs have been protected in after carmaker Nissan committed to investment in the UK after Brexit.

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