#DOI star Myleene Klass refuses to perform lifts with #DancingonIce partner ...

Dancing on Ice: Myleene Klass falls over during practice

Myleene, 42, is one of six celebrities who will be taking to the ice for the second week of this year’s season of Dancing on Ice. For months, she and professional skater Lukasz have been practising numerous dance moves they can incorporate into their performances as well as rehearsing their first routine. However, the mother-of-two won’t be letting herself float in the air as it seems lifts are out of the question during her debut on the ITV programme.

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Speaking with Express.co.uk and other press, the former pop-star was asked whether she would be implementing lifts in her performance after some contestants were critiqued strongly over frequent use in week one.

Myleene explained: “No because it was a full-on Christmas so Lukasz didn’t even entertain putting me in the air.

“I’ll tell you what I do appreciate, I’ve watched this show in the past and what I thought was impressive and what I enjoy now that I've got more of an insider's view, I just didn't realise just how technical even a lift is.

“Because I thought, ‘I know I'll do loads of lifts because that'll be really easy on me' and it turns out I have to push down and I have to use my core and engage that, try not to kick Lukasz in the shin.

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“Poor Lukasz, he feels like a human teabag I’ve kicked him in the shin that many times,” the amateur skater remarked.

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Dancing On Ice: Myleene Klass refuses to perform lifts with partner Lukasz RozyckiDancing On Ice: Myleene Klass refuses to perform lifts with partner Lukasz Rozycki (Image: ITV)

Dancing on Ice: Myleene KlassDancing on Ice: Myleene Klass has said there won't be too many lifts (Image: ITV)

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“So when I now do a lift I hold my breath, which is also not the right thing to do because I'm so scared,” the mother-of-two continued.

“There's so much involved and I just think how I used to watch the show and just think, ‘That's pretty, and that's nice and I like that costume.'

“So technicalities I really appreciate now. What I expect and what I hoped for are very different things. I just want to make it through,” she added.

Lifts could also be kept on the back burner after Myleene suffered an

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