All you need to know about the contestants on #DancingOnIce

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ITV confirmed its Dancing on Ice 2021 line-up towards the end of last year with the famous faces unveiled one at a time. This year's cast consists of a mix of famous faces which includes athletes, pop stars, actors and more. has everything you need to know about the line-up this year as the first couple is set to leave. 

Who is on Dancing on Ice 2021? Jason Donovan

Eighties icon Jason Donovan is a former Neighbours actor and pop star.

He has also performed in countless shows in London's West End and said he was looking forward to the outrageous costumes for the series.

Donovan explained: "Listen, I’ve done Priscilla Queen of The Desert for two years on stage. I was in the Rocky Horror Show. I wore a coat of many colours!

"This is positively toned down. I am more than comfortable with fantastic costumes."

Insurance Loans Mortgage Attorney Credit LawyerJoe-Warren Plant

Soap star Joe-Warren Plant is best known for his portrayal of schoolboy Jacob Gallagher in Emmerdale.

On his skating experience, he said: "Only briefly in local rinks at Christmas and stuff. I can stand up and get around the rink but when I tried out for this I was told straight away; your technique is all wrong!

"So, I’ve got to scrap all those bad habits and start all over again. I love a challenge anyway and I’m looking forward to learning something new."

Denise Van Outen

No stranger to screens is Denise Van Often who is a former pop star, actress, and a presenter.

On her strengths and weaknesses, she said: "I would say I was a dancer in my youth and the last time I danced was on Strictly which was in 2012. I’m a very good dancer in my kitchen after a few glasses of wine but that’s as far as it goes and I’ve never taken it to the rink!

"I think if I can master the skating then the old dancing ability will hopefully come back and I can marry the two and hopefully be elegant and graceful…rather than disgraceful."

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Dancing on Ice 2021 will see 12 celebrities taking partDancing on Ice 2021 will see 12 celebrities taking part (Image: ITV)

Dancing on Ice 2021 cast: The line-up was confirmed last yearDancing on Ice 2021 cast: The line-up was confirmed last year (Image: ITV)

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Lady Leshurr

Perhaps a lesser-known member of the cast, Lady Leshurr is a singer and rapper.

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She said about signing up for Dancing on Ice: "I love a challenge. I absolutely love a challenge. Where I’m at right now mentally is that I’ve been trying to push myself out of my comfort zone.

"Everyone sees me as this musician but I know I’ve got more to that. A personality that can’t just be expressed through my music. I like doing little things that just bring me out of my shell.

"I recently lost my sister to breast cancer and that’s really made me think I need to push myself, I need to challenge myself, to get my confidence back.

"Doing TV work feels like a breath of fresh air. I did MasterChef and I couldn’t cook but I went on it because I wanted to push myself and learn."

Graham Bell

Graham Bell is an ex-Olympic skier and now is a broadcaster.

The star was originally paired up with professional Yebin Mok but sadly due to a training mishap, she ended up injured.

He will now be performing on the ice with Karina Manta until Mok has fully recovered.

On whether he was in the competition to win it, Bell said: "I’m competitive but I’d rather go into it with the goal of trying to achieve what I can possibly achieve. The winning of it is something I don’t have control over.

"I can control how well we perform – ‘we’ because it is a team event. From watching the show in the past it’s about developing that trust with your partner."

Dancing on Ice 2021: The Ice Panel will returnDancing on Ice 2021: The Ice Panel will return (Image: ITV)

Colin Jackson CBE

A firm fixture on sports panel shows these days, Colin Jackson CBE is a former Olympic champion who holds the world record of the 60-metre hurdles.

Jackson said about joining the show: "It’s a life skill and the opportunity to work with true professionals who are great at what they do. 

"It’s an honour to be able to do that, there’s only a certain amount of people who get that opportunity and I’m one of the lucky people to have the opportunity so, for me, it’s a personal challenge, a great challenge and with the best people that I could possibly ask to

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