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Superstore: Jonah attempts to interview for another job

Superstore is a long-running series that made its debut on NBC back in 2015. The hilarious sitcom follows a group of employees at a store called Cloud 9 - a fictional hypermarket. The series has just been made available to fans in the UK and Canada on and fans are keen to know how many seasons there are.

How many seasons of Superstore are there?

Superstore is set in a fictional supermarket in Missouri and it explores the working lives of its employees.

America Ferrera plays single mother Amelia "Amy" Sosa, who is known for wearing a different name badge as she does not like customers knowing her real name.

Ben Feldman plays Jonah Simms, a sales associate and college graduate, and Lauren Ash plays assistant store manager Dina Fox.

The series first aired on NBC in November 2015 and the episodes continue to air on the network in the US while ITV2 airs episodes in the UK.

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Sadly, the network announced the show will be coming to an end after its current season.

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Superstore: The NBC seriesSuperstore: The series is now on (Image: NBC)

Superstore: The Cloud 9 shopSuperstore: The series is set at Cloud 9 (Image: NBC)

Superstore season 5 release date, cast, trailer, plot

The series is made up of six seasons, with the final season premiering on NBC in October 2020.

The final season is made up of 15 episodes, with the series finale expected to air in America towards the end of March.

The episodes air weekly in the US, and at the start of 2021 viewers in the UK and Canada were able to stream the hit comedy series.

Seasons one to five have been added to , and the series has already made its way into the streaming platform's top 10.

Viewers may be wondering why all six seasons are not available yet, and the answer is most likely because season six is yet to finish airing in the US.

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Superstore: America FerreraSuperstore: America Ferrera left in season 6 (Image: NBC)

The fifth season came to an end in Stateside in April 2020, so did not

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