Queen's powerful message that coronavirus vaccine is safe

Queen: Team 'scrambled' to protect her from covid says expert

Until the very last minute, the Palace insisted that whether the Queen had been vaccinated was a private matter, as it was medical information. However, both the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh decided to share their private medical information in the end in what became a “powerful message that the vaccine is safe”. A royal expert explained that this is a “big deal” and will be a blow to the anti-vax movement.

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Pod Save the Queen is hosted by Ann Gripper and features Daily Mirror royal editor Russell Myers.

After the news about the Queen’s vaccine came out earlier this month, Mr Myers said: “Big news!

“Because up until last week the Palace was still saying ‘This is a private matter, the Queen would not be making this private medical information public’ and they were very staunch in their views to anyone who was asking.

“Now, there were a couple of reports saying that the Queen had decided to make it public when she’d had the vaccine, still the Palace was saying this was mere speculation, yet on Saturday we were given a heads up to say, ‘There is going to be a big announcement’ and this was it.

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Queen elizabeth iiQueen Elizabeth II has sent a positive message about the coronavirus vaccine (Image: GETTY)

prince philipPrince Philip, 99, also let it be known he had the vaccine (Image: GETTY)

“It is a big deal because the Queen is obviously sharing this private medical information, as is Prince Philip.

“And I think it sends a really really powerful message to the country that the vaccine is safe, a massive message to the anti-vax movement to say the Queen has had this vaccination and to get on board.”

However, Her Majesty will not be revealing when she has her second dose, because she does not want the public to know which vaccine she had.

There are two currently being used in the UK ‒ the Pfizer Biotech one and the Oxford AstraZeneca one, the latter of which was developed in the UK.

coronavirus vaccineNearly 7 million people have had their first dose of a coronavirus vaccine in the UK (Image: GETTY)

The Oxford vaccine had only just been approved when the Queen was vaccinated and there was speculation that she had waited for it to come out before getting her jab.

Mr Myers said: “The Queen is not going to let it be known when she has her second dose and the reason for this is because obviously there are two vaccines out there.

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“Now the Oxford one had only just

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