Do you get paid to be on @granddesigns? #granddesigns

Grand Designs: Kevin McCloud shown thermal experiment

Grand Designs kicked off its 21st series at the beginning of 2021 with even more people stretching their imaginations far and wide to build their dream homes. Presenter Kevin McCloud has been witness to thousands of projects over the years and despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the latest season will be no different. The Channel 4 show will be airing its latest episode tonight, Wednesday, January 27, at 9pm.

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Do you get paid to be on Grand Designs?

Those who appear on Grand Designs are building some of the most unique and challenging houses possible.

They usually end up spending hundreds of thousands of pounds, sometimes more and often go way over their planned budget.

Of course, they mostly end up with beautifully designed homes but at a pricey cost.

So it isn’t out of the question to think those who appear on the series would get paid for their projects being filmed.

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Grand Designs: paid payment kevin mccloudGrand Designs: Do you get paid to be on Grand Designs? (Image: Channel 4/Getty)

Grand Designs: presenter kevin mccloudGrand Designs: Kevin McCloud has presented Grand Designs since 1999. (Image: Channel 4)

Kevin McCloud health: Grand Design host 'couldn't breathe'

Nevertheless, those who do star on Grand Designs are not reportedly paid.

There has not been much talk in terms of what arrangements are made prior to filming starting up.

However, it is believed participants are not given any sort of payment for taking part in the show.

Although, there is some compensation rewarded to the ambitious homeowners.

Grand Designs: season 21 house design crematoriumGrand Designs: Fans took to social media to say how the latest development resembled a 'crematorium'. (Image: Channel 4)

Grand Designs: bletchley season 21 channel 4Grand Designs: Season 21, episode 4, will be set in Bletchley.

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