Can #Lucifer Morningstar have children?

Lucifer meets Trixie Espinoza in 2016 pilot episode

Fans of Lucifer have followed Lucifer Morningstar’s (played by Tom Ellis) story from when he first made the trip to Los Angeles back in season one on FOX. The show has seen him solving crimes as well as grappling with his growing feelings towards Chloe Decker (Lauren German). Now the pair are finally together in the now- show, some will be wondering whether they might have a family in the future and if Lucifer is even capable of this.

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Can Lucifer have children?

In the television series Lucifer, the devil is portrayed as an immortal angel charged with looking after Hell.

Given this, some may have wondered if Lucifer can do all of the same things humans can.

This includes whether he is able to conceive and have children in the series.

There seems to be no reason why Lucifer would not be able to have a baby on the show.

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Lucifer season 5: Can Lucifer have children?Lucifer season 5: Can Lucifer have children? (Image: FOX/GETTY/)

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This is because it seems like angels can procreate with humans in the series' mythology.

This was confirmed when Amenadiel (DB Woodside) became a father to baby Charlie with Linda Martin (Rachael Harris).

Although whether Lucifer would want to have a baby is another story entirely.

Fans of the show will know he has grappled with his dislike of children since season one.

Lucifer season 5:Lucifer season 5: What will happen next? (Image: )

However, the feeling is often not mutual as children are generally drawn to him, much to his annoyance.

In season five, part one, he found out baby Charlie loves his devil face.

As well as this, Chloe’s daughter Trixie Espinoza (Scarlett Estevez) has always wanted to be his friend.

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