Labour warning: Keir Starmer told his own supporters don't know what his party ...

Labour voters 'don't know what party stands for' says expert

Tony Miklinski told that the Labour Party have not clearly articulated their policies to the electorate. The Scottish Tory added that his party has a clear advantage over the Scottish Labour Party due to their crystal clear policies ahead of the 2021 May elections.  

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Mr Miklinski said: "At the moment I do not think even Labour supporters know what Labour stands for anymore.

"Not on independence and not more widely, I don't think they have clearly articulated policies.

"On the independence question, I do not think Labour supporters let alone anyone else have a clear understanding on if you vote for a Labour politician, they are voting for independence or remaining in the union.

"One of the great advantages of the Scottish Conservatives is that we are crystal clear and people know what we stand for.

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Keir Starmer latest Labour Party updateKeir Starmer has been the leader of the Labour Party since April 2020 (Image: GETTY)

Keir Starmer latest Labour Party newsKeir Starmer was criticised by the Scottish Tory (Image: GETTY)

"So the criticism of Labour is that they just have not made it clear."

Mr Miklinski also stated that the Scottish Labour Party is in a 'desperate position' due to Keir Starmer's unclear stance on Scottish independence.

The Scottish

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