Don't need EU! German MEP hails Brexit Britain's vaccine victory 'free of ...

EU's 'shambolic' vaccine rollout criticised by Ann Widdecombe

Gunnar Beck MEP says the UK has been able to take advantage of “Brexit freedoms” to deliver a world-beating vaccination programme. In stark contrast, the influential member of the right-wing Alternative for Germany party, stated the EU adopted a strategy of “backscratching, bickering and failure”.

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The 55-year-old added Germany “could have done so much better on its own, without the dead hand of the EU”.

The UK has administered almost 20 million vaccine doses to around 35 percent of the population.

Across the EU the rate of vaccinations has been slow, Germany has inoculated just five per cent of its 84million population.

In France around four percent of people have been given their jab.

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EU vaccineThe European Union has been condemned over its vaccine rollout (Image: GETTY)

Gunnar BeckGunnar Beck MEP has praised Brexit Britain for its vaccine rollout (Image: GETTY)

Mr Beck traces the issues back to last July when Brexit Britain was able to go it alone and ordered 90 million doses of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine, while the EU dithered and delayed on behalf of all 27 member states.

He said: “The roots of the problem date to early last summer when it was slow to secure vaccine supplies, particularly in comparison with Britain.

“While Britain used its Brexit freedoms to obtain a range of different vaccines and organise a national rollout, the EU went into its default mode of mutual backscratching, bickering and failure.”

Mr Beck added the bloc is in a “perpetual crisis” and insisted the EU’s focus on working together has had a detrimental effect.

vaccineThe UK has vaccinated more than 19 million people (Image: GETTY)

Writing in the Mail on Sunday, he said: “Brussels

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