Gayle King sparks sexism row over Princess Anne's role in Philip's funeral ...

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Gayle King has sparked a sexism row after she suggested Princess Anne being included in her father's funeral procession may have broken tradition. The CBS host led coverage of Prince Philip's funeral on Saturday for CBS. She asked Vanity Fair editor Tina Brown why Anne was the only woman walking behind the Duke of Edinburgh's casket in the procession.

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Traditionally, men follow the casket during a funeral procession but Anne walked behind the Queen Mother's casket in 2002.

Twitter users were quick to react to Ms King.

One wrote: "Gayle King has already demonstrated how little she knows about the Royals with her numerous articles based the on the word ‘unproductive’."

Another added: "Gayle asked Tina Brown why Anne was in the funeral procession with the men? Uh, Princess Anne is Prince Philip's only daughter!"

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Gayle KingGayle King has received backlash for her reporting on Philip's funeral (Image: CBS)

Princess AnneGayle King has sparked a sexism row after she questioned why Princess Anne was in the procession (Image: GETTY)

A third person said: "I don't see why she was surprised. Princess Anne even walked for the Queen Mother funeral procession.

"And I find it disrespectful of her to even question. Princess Anne was his only daughter. Of course, she was going to do that."

The BBC's coverage of the funeral of the Duke of Edinburgh was watched by an average of almost seven million people.

The corporation devoted almost four hours to the event, led by veteran broadcaster Huw Edwards.

Princess AnneTraditionally, men follow the casket during a funeral procession (Image: GETTY)

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