SNP accused of 'wasting' eyewatering £4.5bn of taxpayer cash during 14 years ...

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Mr Ross, who is aiming to prevent an SNP majority at the Scottish election on May 6, has released a dossier of what his Tories labelled “SNP waste”, with the leader adding the figure “vanished into a black hole of SNP incompetence”. Included in this is £147million spent resulting from delays to the delivery of the new Sick Kids hospital in Edinburgh, £24million on the malicious prosecution of administrators from Rangers Football Club and £47million spent on Scottish manufacturing firm Burntisland Fabrications (BiFab) which was placed into administration at the end of last year.

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But the document also claims the spending "waste" from the SNP has surged in the 14 years the party has been in power in Scotland.

It states that in 2007/08 - the SNP's first full year in its minority Government - the figure had stood at £52million.

But this almost jumped to £99million for the first year of the SNP majority Government in 2011 and to an astounding £840million in 2019/20 under the leadership of Nicola Sturgeon.

Mr Ross launched a scathing attack against the SNP, accusing the party of "squandering billions", with money that could be spent on improving education, health and public services vanishing "into a black hold of SNP incompetence".

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snp nicola sturgeonSNP news: Nicola Sturgeon's party has been accused of wasting billions of pounds while in power (Image: GETTY)

snp nicola sturgeon electionSNP news: Nicola Sturgeon's party has come under pressure over their spending during 124 years in Government (Image: GETTY)

The Scottish Tory leader raged: “The SNP have wasted a shocking amount of taxpayers’ money over their 14 years failing Scotland.

“They’ve lurched from scandal to scandal, squandering billions in the process through sheer incompetence.

“This vast sum could have been spent on improving our schools, hospitals and public services. Instead, it vanished into a black hole of SNP incompetence.

"The amount they throw away escalates with every new SNP government.”

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douglas ross snpSNP news: Douglas Ross launched a scathing attack against the SNP's spending (Image: GETTY)

He claimed the "wasted billions" has been a result of the SNP "putting independence first and everything else last".

The MP for Moray warned if the SNP win a majority in the Scottish election in just under two weeks' time, they could follow a similar line instead of focusing on rebuilding Scotland and fixing the lasting damage from the coronavirus pandemic.

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