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The social media frenzy came after a petition was created appealing for the First Lady and Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff to undo the changes Mrs made to the garden last August. According to reports, more than 40,000 people have signed the petition published on

One social media user tweeted: “Should be restored to original, or at least previous. It was a delightful attribute. The present iteration is sterile and uninviting.”

A second user voiced their disapproval. They said: “Every First Lady for over 100 years contributed something to the Rose Garden, so Melania destroyed a lot of history, as well as .”

Another Twitter user accused the former First Lady of having “no class”.

They wrote: “Jacqueline Kennedy who designed the Rose Garden had CLASS & this showed it.

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Melania TrumpMelania savaged for ‘destroying’ White House Rose Garden (Image: getty)

“Jill Biden also has CLASS so she would be the right person to restore the Rose Garden. Then there is Melania - NO CLASS!”

Former First Lady Jackie Kennedy oversaw a major renovation of the garden which was completed in 1962.

In a statement in July, ’s administration said Melania’s redesign would return the Rose Garden to its 1962 footprint.

However, the changes were met with heavy criticism as some of the colourful flowers featured in the garden were removed.

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