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Viewpoint: Noel Clarke stars in ITV teaser

Alexandra Roach, 33, has broken her silence after Noel Clarke, 45, who she stars alongside in ITV drama Viewpoint, was accused of sexual misconduct by 20 women. The actress took to Twitter to speak out on the situation.

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Alexandra wrote in view of her 18,000 followers: "I see you. I hear you. I believe you.

"Thank you to the women for your incredible bravery in coming forward and helping to put a stop to this kind of behaviour in our industry.”

She went on to add: “Sending a big hug to all the cast and crew who worked so very hard on Viewpoint."

Alexandra concluded her post by telling fans of the series to go to the ITV Hub in the next few days to watch the final episode.

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Noel ClarkeNoel Clarke's Viewpoint co-star Alexandra Roach says she ‘hears and believes’ allegations (Image: GETTY•ITV)

Noel ClarkeNoel Clarke stars alongside Alexandra Roach in Viewpoint (Image: ITV)

It comes after the channel pulled the drama from TV schedules in the wake of the allegations made against Noel.

An ITV spokesperson informed viewers it would not be broadcasting the final episode of Viewpoint, which has aired every night this week.

They said: "ITV has a zero tolerance policy to bullying, harassment and victimisation and robust procedures in place to investigate and deal with any complaints. We strongly believe that everyone deserves to work in a supportive and safe environment.

"In light of the very serious nature of the allegations against Noel Clarke raised by 20 women in the Guardian’s report, ITV has decided it is no longer appropriate to

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