SpaceX Starship launch: When will Starship SN15 launch?

SpaceX: Starship SN10's Raptor engines cause static fire

SpaceX fans from across the globe tuned in to live broadcasts of the Boca Chica testing range on April 30 as they eagerly anticipated the launch of the SN15. While SpaceX did not announce it would launch the SN15 yesterday, road closures and temporary flight restrictions (TFRs) had been issued by Cameron County - where Boca Chica is situated - gave a clue that a launch was imminent. However, as the day went on and the grey skies failed to clear, it became clear that Mr Musk and co would not be attempting a launch.

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This became abundently evident when SpaceX cancelled the TFRs.

SpaceX does not announce when it will launch one of its prototypes, as it needs several things to fall in to place.

For example, weather conditions will always be a factor, but as the machines are prototypes, there is every chance they could need engineering work right up until lift-off.

However, there are always clues as to when the company is preparing to test a Starship rocket.

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spacexWhen will the SN15 launch? (Image: SPACEX)

spacexThe Starship is an impressive beast (Image: SPACEX)

When will the SN15 launch?

The Cameron County website briefly announced TFRs for today, Saturday May

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