Rhinoviruses have 'rocketed' in England as restrictions have lifted says ...

NHS advises how to treat a common cold

Many areas of England are bustling once again with retail and hospitality back open for business. Easing the coronavirus restrictions has provided much needed relief after months of being locked down but it has caused a surge in rhinoviruses. The spike is being attributed to schools reopening in March.

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Speaking to The Times, Paul Hunter, professor in medicine at the University of East Anglia, explained: "Rhinoviruses, which are the commonest cause of the common cold, have rocketed in the last few weeks.

"Schools and playgroups are where it's spreading."

As The Times reported, data from Public Health England shows that the share of tests coming back positive for rhinovirus has risen significantly since January.

For children aged from five to 14, nearly 30 per cent of tests were positive at the beginning of April compared with none in late January and early February.

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School gates reopening has causes a surge in rhinovirusesRhinoviruses: School gates reopening has causes a surge in rhinoviruses (Image: Getty Images)

The figures for adults have also risen.

The surge in common-cold-causing rhinoviruses may actually have a salutary effect on the spread of COVID-19.

Rhinoviruses may interfere with the replication of other respiratory viruses that tend to be more serious, such as COVID-19.

What's more, they may offer the host temporary protection from them.

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