Alan Sugar hits out at BBC over show: 'What the hell was that? - Am I missing ...

This Time with Alan Partridge: Hilarious teaser for new show

Lord Alan Sugar, 74, took to Twitter to blast the BBC over the latest episode of This Time With Alan Partridge, which stars comedian Steve Coogan. The business magnate asked his followers if he was "missing the point" of the show, after revealing his disdain for the programme that follows the late career resurgence of Alan Partridge in a weekday magazine-inspired TV show.

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What the hell was that

Lord Alan Sugar

Tweeting in view of his 5.2 million followers, The Apprentice judge weighed in on the second series' first episode of This Time With Alan Partridge.

The star wrote: "Alan Partridge Friday BBC -1 What the hell was that. Not funny. Lead Balloon. Am I missing the point?"

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Fans of the entrepreneur quickly took to the comments to give their view on the show.

Agreeing with the businessman, one wrote: "I know I don't like the programme and I don't like Alan partridge either the man's an idiot." (sic)

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Alan Sugar blasts BBC This Time With Alan PartridgAlan Sugar blasted the new series of BBC's This Time With Alan Partridge on Twitter (Image: BBC/ Getty)

Alan Sugar blasts BBC This Time With Alan PartridgAlan Sugar said that the BBC show was 'not funny' and asked viewers what he was watching (Image: Twitter)

Another added: "No you didn't miss anything.

"I have never found him funny at all along with many. How he has got such a high platform confuses me."

However, others disagreed that the show went down like a "lead balloon".

"Sorry I’m not going to take advice from someone who calls himself lord when I’m fact he’s [it's] just something you put in tea,"(sic) one wrote.

Alan Sugar blasts BBC This Time With Alan PartridgThe second

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