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James Martin questions guest over 'fire' in the kitchen

Award-winning chef and author Dipna Anand was a guest on ITV's James Martin's Saturday Morning, and was impressing the TV chef with a Panjabi dish she'd been cooking. But it seems she may have been a little careless with the appliances, as a nearby cloth almost burst into flames and could be seen smouldering for the remainder of the show.

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Dipna said she was making a Panjabi classic of aloo cheese stuffed parathas, which James liked the sound of.

But when the show resumed after an ad-break, James pointed out to viewers that chaos had ensued in the kitchen just moments before.

As Dipna served up the dish, James said: "Go on then, I'm looking forward to this one."

"Right, here you are," she said, but James added: "Can I just ask - there's something on fire over there."

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Dipna Anand and James MartinJames Martin's Saturday Morning: Dipna Anand sets fire to a tea towel (Image: ITV)

Dipna AnandJames Martin's Saturday Morning: Dipna Anand cooked a dish for the TV chef (Image: ITV)

"There's nothing on fire," Dipna quickly responded. "It was just a cloth and it's just burnt a little bit, okay?"

James grinned and continued to point at it as though worried it would be set alight again. The camera showed the cloth smouldering on the kitchen surface.

"No, it's fine, that's fine now," Dipna said, hoping to change the subject.

But James wouldn't let it go. "It looks like one of those joss sticks that are going off, there in the corner," he added.

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