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Kate Garraway discusses Derek Draper's situation at home

Kate Garraway, 53, has given fans further insight into her husband Derek Draper’s heartbreaking battle with COVID-19. The Good Morning Britain presenter has now revealed in her new book about her family’s ordeal, The Power of Hope, that scans of her other half’s brain showed "fluffy white clouds floating in the top part of his head”.

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The scans sparked a great deal of concern from Derek’s doctors.

Kate explained medics had initially feared the “clouds” were clots or bleeds on the brain, which can happen when a patient is on an ECMO, a machine that oxygenates the blood, bypassing the lungs and heart.

Doctors found that Derek had suffered a small bleed on his brain, but they informed Kate that the clouds on the scan signified inflammation on the brain.

Kate explained in her book: "This, they told me, was a unique historical event, a one-off splurge of inflammation, and the fact that it showed up in some form on the earlier CT scans from back in April meant it happened right at the start when Derek was first on ECMO."

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Kate GarrawayKate Garraway warned husband 'might never recover' as medics found rare brain inflammation (Image: ITV)

Derek DraperDerek Draper has been branded the most unwell patient to have survived the virus (Image: ITV)

Kate was then told that Derek’s ability to move could have been affected if the infection reached his spinal cord or brain stem, which it fortunately didn’t.

The dad-of-two’s team of doctors told Kate they hadn't yet seen inflammation on the brain as a result of Covid.

However, they revealed that other medics in Europe had noticed similar cases in Covid patients.

The significant health complications that Derek faced prompted medics to warn the GMB host that

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