Ulrika Jonsson tells her kids she's a 'sexual creature' and won't rule out ...

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Swedish TV presenter Ulrika Jonsson, 53, has revealed that she has openly discussed her "sexual awakening" with her children as well as the possibility of marrying again one day. The mother-of-four candidly addressed her love life and revealed that her children were "horrified" to learn of their mother's attitudes.

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I am a sexual creature

Ulrika Jonsson

The model spoke about her attitude towards finding love again.

She said: "I'm a hedonist and a spontaneous person who believes in love.

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"While it would feel strange getting married again, I can't ever rule it out for the future."

Ulrika boasts a colourful personal life, with three ex-husbands.

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Ulrika Jonsson children sexual creature fourthUlrika Jonsson has addressed her 'sexual awakening' (Image: ITV)

Ulrika Jonsson children sexual creature fourthUlrika Jonsson has three ex-husbands behind her but is open to a fourth marriage (Image: Instagram)

Speaking to The Sun, the star candidly opened up to discuss her sex life.

"I enjoy sex, I want to have sex and I am open to experience that," she admitted.

However, she stated that the admission comes with a preconception.

She added: "It's difficult for women my age to say that without being seen in a certain way."

Ulrika Jonsson children sexual creature fourthUlrika Jonsson regularly features her children on her social media channels

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