Every single shop in England to double the price of plastic bags this month ...

Anniversary of 5p carrier charge for plastic bags

Wales was the first country to introduce a plastic bag charge of 5p for shoppers in 2011, followed by Scotland, Northern Ireland, and England. Now, the price of plastic bags in England will double to 10p and will apply to every single retailer.

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The price of single-use plastic bags will double for all shops in England this month.

From 21 May, shoppers will have to pay 10p instead of 5p if they want to buy a plastic bag for their shopping.

This rule will not only apply to giant supermarkets, but also to corner shops, small clothing boutiques, grocery stores, butchers, and more.

Currently, the 5p plastic bag charge in England applies only to retailers with more than 250 staff, but this will soon change.

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Plastic bagsThe 10p charge will not only apply to supermarkets, but to all retailers (Image: GETTY )

GrocersGrocers and butchers will also charge 10p for plastic bags from 21 May (Image: GETTY )

Supermarkets in England started to charge 50p for plastic bags in 2015, and it has resulted in the average person in the country buying only four plastic bags a year since.

This is a huge reduction from the average person buying 140 bags a year before the change was implemented, in 2014.

This meant the number of single-use plastic bags issued by stores decreased by more than 95 percent.

However, the Government hopes that the new 10p charge will cut

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