Gardening this weekend? You could be breaking the law without realising ...

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Few people realise that not sticking to some rules while gardening could put them at risk of breaking the law. There are six rules gardeners should be aware of this summer.

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Gardening is usually simple and straightforward, but not sticking to some golden rules could land you in hot water with your neighbours, who could issue legal action against you.

Luckily, experts at Garden Buildings Direct have put together a list of the common legal pitfalls you can face as a gardener, as well as sharing ways you can be a better neighbour.

A spokesperson for the company said: “Most of us want to be good, law-abiding neighbours, but that can be difficult if we don’t actually know what the law is.

“There may be times when it would be within your legal rights to do something, but it could cause tensions with your neighbour.

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“We’d always advise trying to come to a neighbourly solution first, as this is always preferable to having to call in the lawyers.

“If you brush up on the law as it stands, you may be able to avoid any sort of dispute altogether, which is always the ideal solution.”

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GardeningWhen gardening this summer, there are rules you must follow to keep your neighbours happy (Image: GETTY )

One issue that is not widely known and can cause tension between neighbours, is trimming overhanging branches.

The rule is that if a tree’s branches from your neighbour’s garden is hanging into your garden, you are allowed to cut it, but only within your property.

You cannot lean into your neighbour’s garden to cut the branches without permission, as this constitutes trespass.

If wanting to cut the tree, make sure it isn’t covered by a Tree Preservation Order as it is illegal to cut back these trees without written consent from a planning authority.

Although you are allowed to trim the tree’s branches, if you cause any serious damage to the tree, you would be liable in law due to negligence.

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