Zara Tindall brutally shut down by Princess Anne: 'It was a short conversation!'

Princess Anne: Zara Tindall’s career ‘no surprise’ says expert

The Queen’s daughter is famous for being one of the hardest-working royals in terms of the number of engagements completed each year. Meanwhile, her daughter Zara has led a relatively normal life with her own career separate from the Royal Family. She was a successful equestrian, while her husband Mike Tindall was a top rugby player.

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The Tindalls are having a light shone on their lives in a documentary airing tonight on Channel 5 entitled ‘Zara & Mike: No-Nonsense Royals’.

Zara once claimed she had asked her 70-year-old mother whether she would consider cutting down, but it was a “very short conversation”.

In an ITV documentary last year entitled ‘Anne: The Princess Royal at 70’, Zara and her brother Peter Phillips were asked whether they had tried to get their mother to slow down.

Zara joked: “I mean good luck!”

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princess anne zara tindallPrincess Anne and her daughter Zara Tindall (Image: GETTY)

princess annePrincess Anne visited a memorial for Anzac Day on April 25 (Image: GETTY)

Then she admitted: “We would try and then it would be a very short conversation.”

Both Anne’s children expressed their amazement at how much their mother still does, with Zara claiming her brain is like a “sponge”.

She said: “It’s like a sponge. It’s unbelievable the information that is stored in her brain.

“It’s incredible. It’s quite annoying as well.

zara tindall peter phillipsZara Tindall and her brother Peter Phillips (Image: GETTY)

“Peter agreed: “It is quite annoying, yes.”

Both delivered their light-hearted compliment in a dry, deadpan manner.

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Anne’s former private secretary, Captain Sir Nicholas Wright RN appeared to agree

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