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Strict regulations on the use of household wood burners were implemented in England today as part of the Government’s green initiative. Curbs have been placed on the sale of house coal and wet wood to try and tackle air pollution. There are more than 1.5 million wood-burning stoves in the UK.

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Wood-burning stoves and open fires are not being banned, but users will have to find cleaner fuel alternatives in order to fire them up.

The changes mean bags of coal and wet wood which are less than two cubic metres can no longer be sold.

Larger volumes of wet wood must now be sold alongside advice on how to dry it properly before burning.

Retailers who do not provide customers with the correct information could receive a £300 fixed penalty fine from their local authority, or a fine for more than £300 if the offence is more severe.

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wood burnerBritons are furious over new wood burner rules (Image: GETTY)

dry woodDry wood is less polluting than wet wood logs (Image: GETTY)

The new regulations and threats of fines has triggered an angry response from a number of readers.

Online users voiced their opinions by commenting on an earlier story posted on Facebook.

One frustrated reader wrote “I’ve had a wood burner for 8 years and to me its free heat so no way would I give mine up.”

A second commented: “Here here mate, just another stealth tax that’s what they’re trying to do, wonder if they will do a scrappage scheme and give people free solar panels or heat pumps.”

coalCurbs have been placed on the sale of coal (Image: GETTY)

A third added: “What a load of nonsense.”

A fourth wrote: “Wow! To have us completely dependent on the grid and the state.

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