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Call the Midwife: Helen George recalls early days on the show

Call The Midwife has returned for a 10th season on BBC One and the historical drama was inspired by true events. The series is based on the memoirs of Jennifer Lee, who later became Jennifer Worth. Motherhood and pregnancy blogger Vicki Renz spoke exclusively to about the show's hero.

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Who was midwife Jennifer Worth?

Call The Midwife is an emotional and uplifting series documenting the personal and working lives of the nuns and midwives at Nonnatus House.

The series is set in London during the 1950s and 60s, and it addresses many challenging social issues.

While it is well-known that the series is based on real-life, not many fans know a great deal about the original midwife.

Jennifer Lee, who later became Worth, was born in 1935 in Clacton-on-Sea in Essex and she trained as a nurse at the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading.

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She then moved to London to receive training as a midwife. Like in the series, she eventually left midwifery to work in palliative care.

Vicki Renz, a mother and blogger, talked through the midwife and musician's life.

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Call The Midwife: Jenny Lee in the seriesCall The Midwife: Jenny Lee was based on Jennifer Worth (Image: BBC)

Call The Midwife: Jenny LeeCall The Midwife: Jessica Raine as Jenny Lee (Image: BBC)

She said: "Jennifer Worth was an incredibly talented lady who progressed from a secretarial job to nursing through to midwifery and on to teaching music and authoring the bestselling trilogy Call the Midwife.

"Certainly a woman who was not afraid to change direction in order to follow her calling.  

"She started work as a nurse in the early 1950s after leaving her secretarial job at a local grammar school. She was not one to feel trapped and bored.

"She followed her calling to help others which she found through nursing and midwifery."

Some of Jenny's (played by Jessica Raine) storylines are based on Worth's personal life, but there were some aspects of her life she kept private.

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Renz said: "Jennifer kept the details private life very much to herself and her family whilst she was alive.

Call The Midwife: The 1960sCall The Midwife: The series is now set in the mid-60s (Image: BBC)

"After Call the Midwife became such

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