Chris Packham hints stepdaughter Meghan McCubbin will join Strictly line-up

Chris Packham asks Susie Dent to smell bear poo sample

Chris, 59, and his stepdaughter Megan, 25, have been spending more time together on-screen after the latter made her television debut during Springwatch 2020. She has gained a huge fanbase for starring alongside her stepfather and for sharing his passion of nature and the environment. With Strictly Come Dancing set to air on the BBC later this year, there are rumours about who could be taking part and Chris has thrown the zoologist’s name into the ring. Could she appear in the cast for 2021?

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The nature presenter explained why he wouldn’t sign up himself, stating: “I think if you do those things, you've got to have some aptitude.

“You can't just be a complete failure. I mean if you asked me to go and do an interview on Chinese television I wouldn't accept it because I can't speak Chinese, it wouldn’t work.

“I think the enjoyable aspect of those programmes is seeing people and they have some of the ability and they're trying to bring it.

“Whether it's Strictly Come Dancing or any of those sorts of things,” he continued, going on to add: “I cannot dance.

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“I haven’t got any natural sense of rhythm. I'm surprised that my heart beats in time,” the television star said.

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Chris Packham hints stepdaughter Meghan McCubbin will join StrictlyChris Packham hints stepdaughter Meghan McCubbin will join Strictly line-up 'Much better' (Image: BBC)

Chris Packham and Megan McCubbinChris Packham has shared his interest in Megan McCubbin joining Strictly (Image: BBC)

“I don't think going on there and making a fool of yourself is going to be fun or entertaining,” Chris declared.

“If there was a programme you could go on and it'd be celebrities painting or something like that, then I might do that because I have some more ability to put paint on paper and it looks like I want it to.

“I can’t invest in that sort of thing. I can’t put my mind to it.”

However, he did have a few people in mind who could take part as he shared: “But Strictly Come Dancing, I’ll leave that to Michaela [Strachan] and Megan [McCubbin] and all of those people.

“They can both dance and they would be much better contestants than me and they and

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