Boris has been told that a soft stance may appear as a sign of weakness to the ...

Brexit: German MEP hails UK's savings after leaving bloc

Post-Brexit arrangements between the City of London and the EU have yet to be finalised five months after the trade deal was announced. Analysts had previously warned Brexit would lead to an exodus of finance jobs from the City and firms would favour Paris and Frankfurt, but their predictions have so far proved inaccurate.

Related articles conducted an exclusive poll asking readers if Mr Johnson should play hardball with Brussels and threaten to cut the City of London off from the 27-member state as part of a post-Brexit hard stance.

Ninety-four percent (4,238) said yes while only four percent (206) said no.

Just two percent of those who took part (83) said they didn't know.

In comments, many readers said the Prime Minister should be on his guard not to appear weak to the Europeans.

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boris johnsonBoris Johnson has been told to cut off the City from the EU in post-Brexit arrangements (Image: GETTY)

bank of englandThe PM has been told not to give the EU an inch when it comes to banking (Image: GETTY)

One reader offered some words of advice for Mr Johnson, insisting he should appear strong and capable of executing financial threats at all times.

They said: "It's now plain to see. The EU are just money grabbing gangsters working for Frau Merkel.

"If you're soft with these people they see it as a weakness and walk all over you."

A second said the Prime Minister should "cut them off from London until they agree to comply with our standards and under the judgement of UK courts."

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