'Idiotic' BBC Breakfast hosts horrified after thugs vandalise osprey nest ...

Sima was stunned by the senseless vandalism on Sunday morning as she stepped in alongside Roger Johnson to replace Naga Munchetty and Charlie Stayt. When discussing the news story on BBC Breakfast, she spoke to expert Iolo Williams from Wales to discuss the incident, which has upset many locals.

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Roger introduced the story, saying: "Horrific, appalling - just two of the responses which we've heard from conservations today after a platform built to encourage ospreys to breed was chopped down in north Wales."

Sima said: "It came just one day after an egg was laid in the nest. Police say they're pulling out all the stops to find those responsible."

Reporter Tim Muffett explained: "Ospreys are a very rare sight in the UK.

"Nesting platforms for the birds of prey were first built at Llyn Brenig reservoir in north wales in 2013 as part of a successful conservationist project.

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"But on Friday night, just one day after an egg was laid in this nest, what's been described as an horrific act of vandalism took place.

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Sima KotechaBBC Breakfast: Sima shocked by osprey vandalism (Image: BBC)

OspreysBBC Breakfast: An osprey nest was destroyed (Image: BBC)

"The nesting platform was cut down with chainsaws." He added that anyone with information is urged to get in touch with north Wales police.

Naturalist and broadcaster Iolo Williams spoke to Sima about the reaction the area has seen.

She asked: "What is the point of doing this?" Iolo replied: "That's the million dollar question.

"Everyone is absolutely mystified - these are birds that everybody loves, is it an individual with a grudge against one of the organisations involved?

Iolo WilliamsBBC Breakfast: Iolo Williams said the vandalism was 'idiotic' (Image: BBC)

OspreysBBC Breakfast: An osprey nest was destroyed (Image:

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