Jeremy Paxman’s claim about huge challenge for Royal Family: ‘They have no ...

Jeremy Paxman discusses British monarchy in 2007

The veteran broadcaster made these comments during an interview on an American chat show about his book ‘On Royalty’. The interviewer, Charlie Rose, claimed that some people say, because royals are raised the way they are, they “can’t come out whole”. Mr Paxman asked what he meant by “whole”.

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Mr Rose said that, if you are told from the moment you are born that you are special, different, royal and one-of-a-kind, that it might have an impact on you and “make you a certain way”.

Mr Paxman said: “Of course it can! It’s bound to have an impact on you! Bound to have an impact on you!

“And all sorts of subsidiary things too, for example friendship. You and I and all your viewers have friends.

“Friendship is a relationship of equals, in which people are perfectly entitled to turn round to you and say, ‘Charlie, you're talking bull****.’

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jeremy paxman royal familyJeremy Paxman insisted that royals cannot have friends (Image: YouTube (BritishRoyalFilms) & Getty)

jeremy paxman charlie roseJeremy Paxman being interviewed by Charlie Rose (Image: YouTube (BritishRoyalFilms))

“No one can do that. If you have no equals, you can’t have that relationship of peers.

“So it's all these things that make it very very difficult, and it's very hard to grow up in that world.”

Mr Paxman also highlighted another significant difficulty for members of the Royal Family: a lack of privacy.

He quoted the Queen’s first nanny Marion Crawford, who reportedly said: “The only truly private period in the life of a royal person is in the womb.”

queen margaret marion crawfordFuture Queen Elizabeth II with her sister Princess Margaret and Governess Marion Crawford (Image: GETTY)

Mr Paxman explained that the public know royals “all their lives, really”, which is partly why they have such an emotional attachment to them.

Lack of privacy in their personal lives has been an issue for royals for many years, but has come to the fore most recently with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

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