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PMQs: Boris Johnson slams Keir Starmer over Brexit stance

Mr Bull, who has experience of running for Parliament in the north-east, having stood in Sedgefield, former Prime Minister Tony Blair’s former constituency, in 2019, suggested Labour was guilty of taking its voters for granted. And in a swipe at current leader Sir Keir Starmer, he suggested the party was “now rudderless” – while comparing the former Director of Public Prosecutions to a “sloth”.

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Mr Bull, the deputy leader of the Reform Party, has his own election battle as he fights to win a seat on the London Assembly.

Dr Paul Williams, who campaigned for Remain in the 2016 referendum and remained opposed to Brexit subsequently, will contest Hartlepool on May 6, two years after losing his seat in Stockton North, a few miles to the South.

His views are wildly out of step in a constituency that voted Leave by 69.6 percent to 30.4 percent in 2016.

Sir Keir StarmerSir Keir Starmer dons a pair of boxing gloves while campaigning this week (Image: GETTY)

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Dr Paul WilliamsDr Paul Williams is a Remainer - but Hartlepool voted by a large majority to leave (Image: GETTY)

It is absolutely ridiculous

David Bull

Mr Bull told Express.co.uk: “It shows yet again these centralised political parties thinking they know better than the people they are trying to represent.

“It is absolutely ridiculous – the transition from the Brexit party has been complicated but the way we see this is Brexit was very much the beginning of the journey.

“And against all the odds as people voted to leave and we were told you cannot make this happen, and against the odds, we made it happen.

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David Bull Nigel FarageDavid Bull and Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage campaign in Sedgefield prior to the 2019 election (Image: GETTY)

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“Now you've still got Westminster telling the electorate, where you can't do this, you can't

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