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Between January and March 2021 the Eurozone economy shrank by 0.6 percent following a decline in the previous three months. Two consecutive quarters, or three-month periods, of negative economic growth are counted as a recession.

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In 2020 the Eurozone, along with almost the entire world economy, entered a devastating recession as coronavirus first struck.

Much of Europe is currently battling another coronavirus wave.

Fresh lockdowns have been imposed in France, and Germany while Hungary has the highest per capita death rate in the world.

The EU has been sharply criticised for its sluggish COVID-19 vaccination programme which is lagging far behind the UK and US.

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EUThe Eurozone has entered a double-dip recession (Image: GETTY)

EUThe Eurozone shrank by 0.6 percent between January and March 2021 (Image: GETTY)

Britain has given at least one jab at over half its population and the number of coronavirus infections has been falling rapidly.

Germany and France have given at least one vaccine dose to 27 percent and 23 percent of their populations respectively.

In the first three months of this year the Spanish economy shrank by 0.5 percent and the Italian by 0.4 percent.

Germany surprised many observers by recording a decline of 1.7 percent of GDP.

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EUEurope is struggling from the EU's slugging coronavirus vaccine rollout (Image: GETTY)

Out of the major Eurozone economies only France saw growth, with its economy expanding by 0.4 percent.

However France has since returned to lockdown which is likely to hit its figures for the second

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