Long lost franchise heading to PS5 as an exclusive? Xbox Series X fans would be ...

The ninth-console generation is unlike any other, with all platform holders truly offering something different. While Nintendo has long gone on its own ever since the GameCube era, trying something different with the Wii onwards Sony and Xbox have largely been in a battle of horsepower and who has the best AAA exclusives. This time around it's different though, with Sony going down a traditional console route with the PS5 and Microsoft pushing the value of its Game Pass service with the Xbox Series X and S.

At the start of this gen Sony has already bolstered its incredible first-party exclusive line-up with third-party exclusives, such as upcoming games Forsaken and Final Fantasy 16 from Square Enix and Deathloop and GhostWire: Tokyo from Bethesda.

And Sony may have another third-party exclusive up its sleeves that Xbox gamers may be jealous about.

Twitter user and YouTuber @

is hinting at an unannounced PS5 timed exclusive.

And while the gaming tipster did not specifically name what IP Sony might have struck a deal for a heavy hint was dropped.

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Foxy Games UK tweeted: "Hong Kong seems like a really good setting for a unannounced #PS5 *Timed Exclusive."

Looking back, there

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