Britons outraged as ‘petrified’ Brussels set to ‘scapegoat’ UK for own ...

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The EU is currently lagging significantly behind the UK on its coronavirus vaccine rollout. This week it emerged the bloc has entered a double-dip recession after shrinking by 0.6 percent between January and March.

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By contrast the UK economy is set to grow by 7.8 percent this year.

Gunner Beck MEP, a member of the European Parliament’s Brexit committee, said the EU is worried other members may follow the UK out of the bloc.

He commented: “If we assume that the recovery won’t be as rapid and dramatic as many had hoped, then the EU will be looking for scapegoats because it’s not in the habit of acknowledging mistakes, especially Ursula von der Leyen.” readers reacted with anger arguing Brussels is putting political concerns above its members’ economies.

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Brexit"Blame Britain for the EU's own screwups" (Image: GETTY)

BrexitMuch of Europe is battling a new coronavirus wave (Image: GETTY)

One commented: “Sounds about right, blame Britain for the EU’s own screwups.

“Just wait until not a single Brit buys anything from the shambolic EU.”

Another added: “EU is absolutely petrified of a UK without them holding us back, we ain’t even out of 2nd gear yet.”

A third wrote: “The UK is the EU's second-biggest customer after the USA.

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BrexitThe Eurozone has fallen into a double-dip recession (Image: GETTY)

“They can either treat us with respect and be the 'friends' people claim them to be, or suffer the consequences.

“Every £bn we spend elsewhere in the world is money that the cash strapped

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