The 3 benefits of No Mow May

BBC Breakfast: Expert outlines how to do No Mow May

In summer, people end up mowing their lawns on a weekly basis, but the Plant Life charity is asking Brits to stop cutting the grass in order to help bees, butterflies, wildlife and humans. But how exactly does long grass help our environment? reveals the 3 benefits of growing your lawn in May as part of our Green Britain campaign.

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Saves wildlife

We all go on about being animal lovers but did you know that cutting your lawn is harmful to the animal population.

In particular, bees, butterflies, moths, hedgehogs, frogs, toads, newts, creepy crawlies, dragonflies, damselflies, and birds need longer grass to thrive.

Not mowing your grass for a month will increase the abundance and diversity of bees, which we need to pollinate and produce more flowers.

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No Mow May 2021:No Mow May 2021: No Mow May has some important benefits (Image: Getty)

No Mow May 2021:No Mow May 2021: More bees are great for plant diversity (Image: Getty)

Research undertaken by citizen scientists across the UK who have taken part in Plantlife’s Every Flower Counts - the largest-ever survey of lawns - reveals that simple changes in mowing habits can result in enough nectar for ten times more bees and other pollinators.

In fact, the study found that 80 percent of lawns support around 400 bees a day from the nectar sugar produced by common flowers such as dandelions, but 20 percent of lawns supported 10 times as many.

These “super lawns” were only cut once every four weeks.

No Mow May 2021:No Mow May 2021: Flowers such as dandelions and daisies feed the bees (Image: Getty)

More flowers

The reason why No Mow May supports bees

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