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Kate Garraway discusses Derek Draper's situation at home

Good Morning Britain co-anchor Kate Garraway, 53, has recalled the precious moment her husband Derek Draper responded to an intimate conversation. Derek, also 53, is still recovering after contracting the coronavirus in March 2020.

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His face continued to crumple and I suddenly realised he was crying – actual tears

Kate Garraway

The journalist, who has released her debut memoir detailing the tragic ordeal her family has experienced over the past 12 months, has spoken of Derek’s slow recovery.

Derek became the UK’s longest inpatient after being admitted to hospital in March 2020 before being placed in a medically induced coma.

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The former political lobbyist was released from hospital in April after spending a year in intensive care, with him now recovering at the family home in London.

Despite being able to recover at home, his constant medical requirements are similar to being at the hospital, says Kate.

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kate garraway husband derek draper sobbed dates covid book gmb health news latest updateKate Garraway has revealed that husband Derek "sobbed" as they spoke about one of their early dates (Image: ITV)

kate garraway husband derek draper sobbed dates covid book gmb health news latest updateKate has previously spoken about the ordeal her family have faced over the past year (Image: DAILY EXPRESS/MIRROR/STAR)

Now, the mum-of-two has spoken of a miraculous conversation she had with her husband over a video call, admitting that he "sobbed" during their chat.

In an extract from her book, The Power Of Hope, Kate says that she spoke to her husband about one of their first dates, dancing away to Aerosmith's hit single, I Don't Want To Miss A Thing.

Speaking about their video call, Kate noted that while gazing into her husband’s eyes, it reminded her of the night in question during which she had "squirmed" as she attempted to stop looking at Derek.

"As I

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